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Nomeda Budriene is the owner and  designer of the company. She has gained recognition through years of work and experience.  


As a designer, Nomeda started in 1993, therefore, plenty of practice and acquired skills let her not only find best solution quickly, but also improvise freely, creating interior textile design.  


18 years of creative work such as original designs of curtains, bed covers, cushions which make ideal finishing touch to any interior design reflects the best of Nomeda Budriene creativity and business activity. 


Studio Stiliaus Zaismas, working on interior textile decoration, has been active since 2002.


Our team has always been looking for the most unexpected, original as well as challenging solutions. We are happy to collaborate with architects and designers.

Our clients:

Ministry of Education and Science 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Constitutional Court

Restaurant  "Literatu svetaine"

Restaurant "Ida basar"

Sports, entertainment and business center "Forum Palace"

Hotel "Ratonda"

Hotel "Artis"

Hotel " Centrum"

Hotel "Eze Hermitage" (France)

Beauty salon "Simona Lux"

Private clients

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